I am Eleni Sol,

Teacher of the Senses, Priestess of the Sacred and Guardian of Ancient Wisdom and Traditions.

This fully embodied work as an Aphrodite Priestess is a culmination of my Cypriot origins, academic background and my decade-long spiritual journey.

I am a Splenic Projector in Human Design, Leo rising, Moon in Virgo and Scorpio Ascendant. A blend of an intuitive healer. a powerful leader and a multi passionate soul.

My body of work merges the mystical with the intellectual, the wisdom of the body with the intelligence of the mind, and the personality with the soul.

Through my private and intimate mentorship programs I evoke a profound feeling of self love, belonging, and freedom that emanates from within, serving as the foundation for your influential presence in the world.

Some of my highest values are beauty, abundance, transparency and simplicity.


Connection with Goddess Aphrodite

I was born and raised on the small island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite. My grandmother was baptised Aphrodite despite the objections of the priest as it was not a Christian name. Because of that the street in the neighbourhood of our family home was named Aphrodite's street and I grew up with the goddess always present in my life.

Ever since i can remember I was fascinated by the discovery of the beauty through my senses. Without being fully aware I have been working with the goddess indirectly.

In 2019 I decided to photograph the jewellery I was handcrafting on Her Hellenic statue and to make Her the muse of my collections. That same statue later intuitively was placed on my altar and slowly and steadily I started connecting deeper to Her essence.


How she invited me to create her temple

On the new moon in Leo 2023 I had the desire to do an Aphrodite’s pilgrimage and to visit Her ancient temples in Cyprus. Under Her guidance I created a last minute public event and unexpectedly found myself leading a small group of both women and men on a journey to uncover their inner goddess through the power of the goddess Aphrodite.

In front of Her cult stone I started channeling some words I knew were not mine or coming from the mind. Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, I heard a clear invitation to work with Her and for Her, communicating that I had successfully passed 'the test'.

I spent the next three months integrating, contemplating and questioning my sanity. Until one night, upon my arrival to Costa Rica, which is where I reside now, a gentle force woke me up and I witnessed on the East Horizon through the small window across my bed the brightest star I have ever seen in my life. The morning star of Venus shining brightly inviting me once again, asking me to remember, to serve, to walk and
honour the path of my ancient cyprian lineage.

That was the end of my questioning and the beginning of my full surrender to the archetype of Goddess Aphrodite/Venus.

Aphrodite Priestess was born!

A dedicated space to reconnect with that ancient lineage of wisdom, to heal and lead through our senses,
to claim our bodies as the most beautiful piece of art
and to return to our purest essence: the one of love.


My journey as a sacred guide

I studied History at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and then did my Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. After that life forced me to go into a spiritual journey which lasts until today.

I am a passionate learner and my soul journey is enriched with so many different modalities.

I was trained by a variety of teachers from around the world into mindset, leadership, somatic healing and tantra. Some of my trainings and initiations include:
• High level energetic healing, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing Diploma, Cyprus
• 6 Weeks Business Freedom program with Eric Edmedeades
• Wild Woman Academy • 7 months with Leonie Gabriella
• 30 days Human Design for Business with Natalie Marie Collins
• 10 day and 100 hour Vipassana silence meditation – Dhamma Pamoda, Israel
• Visibility Breakthrough Bootcamp, 3months with Simone Erotokritou
• A Day with the Dark Feminine - 8hrs training with Nicole Nyima Costerus and Winter Jade Icely, Amsterdam
• Temple training, 6 months with Jessica Fawn
• Priestess Program - Teacher training 12 months with Jessica Fawn
• Temazcal Ceremony, Costa Rica
• Plant medicine ceremony, Costa Rica
• Countless other workshops, circles, master classes and sacred gatherings.

Ways to work with me

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