Hi love,

Are you longing to bring Awareness, Devotion and Sacredness to the transformations that are happening in your Life as a Woman, so you can finally breath as woman, love as woman and accept ALL of your woman? Are you feeling ready to feel safe within your skin and at peace with the transitions that are happening constantly?  Are you willing to discover your authentic beauty, and embrace all of you as sacred?

This 7 weeks Live program will help you to go into the depths of your inner beauty , fall in love with your body all over again and remember your own divine essence.

Reactivate the codes of the Goddess of Love in a world that has lost connection to it, so you can create a shift from the love that has been marketed to the self love that is found only inside. So you can shift from doing it all by yourself to having the Goddess as an ally on your path and a sisterhood community which shares the same values.

See that you truly are guided, supported & held by the Goddess and rediscover the Beauty of Life.


🕊️  Experience the powerful transmission of Mythology. A myth is a story about the origins, fundamental values or important life lessons, often represented through archetypes or supernatural beings. Myths have been used for many centuries to inspire, encourage and  help people journey deeper in to the wisdom of their own psyche.

🕊️ Learn how to deeply connect to your sensuality and the wisdom of your own body. Through Goddess Tantra will be gently guided into sensing your sense so you feel grounded, safe, beautiful and fully connected to life.

🕊️ Embrace your fire as sacred. Through a live practise you will be guided in the full embracing of your sacred rage. so you can feel liberated from all emotions that were labeled as negative.

🕊️ Learn how to let go and accept the death of what is not longer serving you. Through a live sacred ceremony you will experience the underworld and face the death of all your own self-judgments.

🕊️ Make the sacred promise to hold yourself in all the transition of life by marrying the love of your life- your own woman in a sacred ceremony help by Aphrodite Priestess and your program sisters.


    Myths have been used for many centuries to inspire, encourage and  help people journey deeper in to the wisdom of their own psyche.

    Experience the powerful transmission of Mythology.  A myth is a story about the origins, fundamental values or important life lessons, often represented through archetypes or supernatural beings.


    Using Goddess tantra & connection practices you will be gently guided into your body, so you feel grounded, safe and fully connected to your body and therefore to your inner divine essence. Developing and connecting the wisdom of your own intuition & body. You will receive 6 live calls.


    You will be guided through 2 transformational ceremonies of the rite of passage Death & Rebirth. The ceremonies include rituals that support yourself and others through deep transformation. 


Hi love,

I am Eleni Sol, I am a priestess, a teacher, a daughter, a sister, a lover and a friend. 

My body of work merges the mystical with the intellectual, the wisdom of the body with the intelligence of the mind, and the personality with the soul.

I blend the various techniques I've gathered during my 10-year spiritual journey, my academic background in History and Goddess Tantra and the healing messages I receive through my intimate connection with the goddess of love. This allows me to provide you with a fully personalised and holistic experience that aligns with what your soul seeks in the present moment.

I am trauma informed and energy sensitive and your feeling of safety during our time together is my priority.

I have successfully guided and empowered numerous individuals, both men and women, on a transformative path of self-discovery through my exclusive private sessions, focusing solely on harnessing their energy and unlocking their true potential.

It would be my honour to hold the most sacred space for you.

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🌹What you receive:

☼ 1 x Opening Ceremony:
Setting Foundations, Sharing Intentions & Golden Aphrodite Activation

☼ 5 pre-recorded clips by Eleni to help you enter the week. Every temple week is connected to the mysteries of Aphrodite

☼ 5 x 90 minutes powerful LIVE weekly temple calls

☼ Exclusive Aphrodite Priestesses What's up group for sharing and connecting purposes

☼ Spotify playlist to awake and embody the different flavours of Aphrodite.
These playlists will be used in our live temples and will help you keep the codes of our journey and the qualities of these energies every time you listen to them.

☼ 1 x Closing Ceremony: Reflections and Celebration, Self and Sisterhood appreciation

Total value program 👉🏽 €597

*You will have lifetime access to this course in the online portal + future updates of the program.

This round theres is a discount of 300€ to the normal price of the program 👇🏽

If you feel you want to go deeper you can book private sessions with Eleni to support your sacred journey and integration after the program👇👇👇👇👇👇

Immersion + 3 Private Sessions


After signing up you directly receive an email with the zoom link for the Opening Ceremony


Who is this program for?

This 7 weeks journey is open to women who would like to heal their masculine and feminine within and come to an inner union under the blessings of Aphrodite. Anchoring a sense of deep fulfilment, confidence and wholeness in their being.

Do I need a previous temple experience?

No previous temple experience is needed. The practises will be guided with much safety, slowness and according to the group needs.

How much time do i need for this program?

1:30 hrs- 2 hrs weekly. Depending on how much you want to dive in and dedicate time for the program. All lives will be recorded so you can follow your own pace.

What if I have other questions?

You can send an email to Eleni at theaphroditepriestess@gmail.com. She will be very happy to answer all your questions.

I am ready for this transformational journey


The Live Temple calls will take place every Thursday evening and will be recorded and sent next day for the ones who cannot always make it Live